KYC - Know Your Customer

“Know Your Customer” represents a component of “TransGuard” system. On the bases of automatic analyses of implemented transactions the system provides with customers riskiness (increase/decrease) assessment. The module enables the following: classification of customers according to riskiness groups (low, medium, high and critical), monitoring in real time the transactions, completed by high and critical groups, export of various types of reports by indicated period and parameters and etc.

The aforementioned module is designed according to the standards determined by the National Bank of Georgia (Illicit income legalization and assessing the riskiness of the financing of terrorism). In the module scenarios are foreseen statistical and dynamical risks and are maximally utilized risk-based approaches, such as:

•Geographical risk;
•Product/Service delivery risk;
•Product/Service risk;
•Client risk.

At the end of the mentioned process, person with relevant competence (From relevance or AML department) can confirm the indicator of risk calculated by the module. Apart from that it is possible to make amendments to risk indicator by mechanical regime. The module functions with banks main system, together with AML and TMS modules. As it can be seen from the diagram, full processes consists of four main stages and on each stage, are foreseen demands of organization, which means that it is possible to introduce new variables and rules on each stage or correct the existing.

System functional and advantages:
•Transactions monitoring on the level of clients;
•Classification of clients according to riskiness;
•Semi-automatic and mechanic regime of risk regulation;
•Identification, in advance, the measures that should be taken;
•System customers with various access levels;
•Detecting every change in the system and saving the recording;
•Full support of the service by qualified specialists – installation, integration, training, daily consultation and system monitoring;
•Monitoring high and critical risk level client in a real-time;
•Various types of reports and statistics for internal audit;
•Compatibility to the local and international standards;
•Integration with various types of bases;
•Creating internal lists of bank and managing them in a real-time;
•Individual approaches - „Good Guys” management.