SWIFT is the worldwide financial telecommunication company. Its main product is represented by protected network - SWIFTNet, which enables standardized, safe and stable delivery of financial information for customers. Nowadays, the SWIFT web unites over 10000 financial organizations from 215 countries, which represents high rate of confidence.

Since its foundation in 2007, GFTC has been one of the most importat players in Georgia's financial market. High quality service and support provided by GFTC is approved by SWIFT's special certificate.

GFTC is the only authorized service-bureau in Georgia. The company offers its customers SWIFT’s full infrastructure, which includes the following means of communication: SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA); SWIFT Alliance Gateway (SAG) and SWIFTNet Link (SNL).

Our company pays a lot of attention to improving and stabilizing its services. GFTC consists of high qualification certified co-workers, who guarantee permanent flawless system functioning and high quality support.

The SWIFT’s direction was, is and will be our number one priority. GFTC’s main goal is maintaining high quality and developing of the aforementioned service.